Reaching for the Most High

It was 10:00 PM before I got off of work on New Year's Eve. A friend invited me to her church, where they would bring in the New Year with God! It was super cold outside, so I had to wait a moment to warm both me and the car up, and then go. I … Continue reading Reaching for the Most High


Am I a Pastor?

Today, a friend and I met at McDonald's to catch up. It had been a while since we had seen one another and talked. The topics ranged from Christmas to family, and even my recent promotion at work. After our talk, we both stood and prepared to leave. "Pastor!," a woman suddenly said, as she … Continue reading Am I a Pastor?

The Book of Psalms: Chapters 13, 14, and 15

Talk to God about your life and your needs now. King David entered into some desperate times, as King Saul and even his own sons tried to kill him. He asked for help from God.  In God he trusted, so neither he nor his nation perished.   David asked God for help and talked to … Continue reading The Book of Psalms: Chapters 13, 14, and 15

The Book of Psalms: Chapter 12

When we are gone, who will take our place? As I started to study this chapter, it reminded me of how I had helped a pregnant and abandoned girl I ran into while shopping one day.  In the process of helping her,  and getting her reunited with her family several states away, I took her … Continue reading The Book of Psalms: Chapter 12

The Book of Psalms: Chapter 11

In God I trust. Have faith in God.  We must trust Him to deliver us from our troubles.  We must pray to Him, which is speak to Him, about what is on our mind.  This is what we do with anyone we are in a true, loving relationship with.  We don't give them the silent … Continue reading The Book of Psalms: Chapter 11

God Heals and Rejuvenates another Co-Worker!

Yesterday, I was suppose to get to work a little early.  One of my co-workers wanted to be healed, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth!  Not only had he heard me talking, but he had seen the aftermath of  God in action.   We ended up needing to reschedule for today.  … Continue reading God Heals and Rejuvenates another Co-Worker!

Unleash Your Thanksgiving on God!

Toady, we the people have a unique opportunity.  We don't have to hold back anymore. We can let our full thankfulness loose on God!   Here I go! Heavenly Father God, I am thankful to still be alive.  I am thankful I am not the same man I was several years ago.  God, thank You … Continue reading Unleash Your Thanksgiving on God!